Thursday, June 21, 2007

Last Blade 1 + 2 [The Best]

©NCS» Four mighty guardians preside over the gates of hell and watch it intently to ensure the seal is never broken. When one of the guardians named Kagami tires of protecting the peace, he endeavors to open the gate and wield the power within for himself. That won't do. The other guardians pursue him and a host of warriors are drawn into the fray to stop the gates of hell from being thrown ajar.

Kaede, Yuki, and Moriya return to the gaming fold in a collection which contains the two Last Blade games which were originally released on the Neo Geo. The conversion quality is admirable for the PS2 but one can't expect a 1:1 Neo Geo port. The source code ran on a few hundred megabits of direct access ROM while the PS2 spools data into the system by way of DVD. Concessions have to be made (see NCS Game Notes below).

Along with the solid action and responsive controls, a special online mode allows gamers to challenge fellow fighters connected to the internet. For newbies, Last Blade is a 2D fighting game where samurai and fighters engage in one-on-one sword clanging action.

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