Monday, March 26, 2007

Super Mario Bros 150cm Figure

Nintendo is currently accepting orders for a large and very heavy Mario figure which measures 150cm or 59.05" tall. We've sold similar Mario statues in the past to stores and shops but never to normal retail customers. We're of the opinion that a retail store which places one of the most successful video game characters near its front doors can only invite fortune into the establishment. Mario will also attract curiosity seekers who'll enter the shop to marvel at its girth. Think of it as feng-shui for the gaming industry.
As an aside, all of the stores that we've sold these types of Mario figures to are still in business and successful. That's not to say that Mario will save a flagging business or a shop that's competing against a newly opened Gamestop or EBGames next door...

Preorders are welcome to ship in early April. The Mario statues are currently in stock from distributors in Japan but shipments will generally take 2 weeks to arrive. Retail pricing is set at JPY300,000 or US$3000 + shipping from NCS.

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