Monday, March 26, 2007

Hello Kitty Ice Shaver

Winter's in the rear view mirror and soon it'll be summer. To combat the impending heat and humidity, Japanese manufacturer Eikoh has announced a Hello Kitty Ice Shaver which is powered by hand crank. Once you've shaved off some ice, douse it with a fruity flavor of some sort and a cold and delicious treat is created. Just like that.
While you won't be able to compete against the likes of Lemon Ice King of Corona, enterprising entrepreneurs may be able to make a few bucks with the HK Ice Shaver. Scenario: Set up a stand on a street corner and throw up a sign which reads, "HELLO KITTY FLAVORED ICE - 50 Cents" and have two ice shavers at the ready along with a helper. As the patrons line up, whirl the hand cranks to deposit freshly shaved ice onto paper bowls. Squirt lemon, cola, and cherry flavors (per the customer's request) on top of the ice and you're on your way to a building a little refreshment empire with tiny start up costs. Preorders are welcome to ship in mid-late June 2007.

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