Wednesday, March 14, 2007

General Updates

PS3 Virtua Stick High Grade
All preorders are shipping today but our suppliers gave us the wrong box dimensions for the individual sticks. We didn't realize measuring a box would be so difficult but alas, that's how it is.
We're going to scramble for proper-fitting cardboard shipping boxes today but we should be able to get everything out this afternoon. Additional supplies of the VFHG are expected for next week but the high shipping costs + fuel surcharges to import the sticks are making us reluctant to bring them. As such, we will likely only order enough to fill any remaining backorders. Please note that the Virtua Stick High Grade only works with PS3 games. It is incompatible with PS2 software played on the PS3.
TOY Shipments
Some toy shipments arrived earlier today but we haven't had a chance to break down the boxes yet. We'll check them out later today and post the new arrivals on Thursday's website update.
Mario Hats and why they haven't shipped yet
One of the most frequent questions we've received in the past few weeks goes something like this: "Why hasn't my Mario Hat order shipped yet? I paid for overnight delivery and I need it quickly!"
Please note that the product title for the Mario Hat reads as follows:
Super Mario Bros Hat [JPN Preorder]. The words "JPN Preorder" means that the item is a Japanese Preorder item. We define a preorder as an item that isn't in stock yet but is expected sometime in the future. If we look at the product description, the following words may be found: "Pricing is set at US$29 per hat and preorders are scheduled to ship in mid-late April 2007." This sentence means that the item is expected to ship in April 2007 which is next month. We will also post an update once the hats are in stock. Thanks.
Wayback Machine NCS
We thought this was trippy.

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