Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Garouden Break Blow: Fist or Twist

The story of Bunshichi Tanba continues in the second Garouden Break Blow game for Playstation 2. Bunshichi is a hardened brawler who's always searching for a challenge against elite fighters. To this end, he visits different schools to find the top fighter in each discipline and expertise. When Bunshichi is handily defeated by a warrior named Toshio Kajiwara, he retreats for a few years and eventually returns as a much more powerful fighter who's ready to brawl once more.

The second Garouden game introduces the Region Damage System where attacks to specific parts of an opponent's body will affect how he performs in the battle. Concentrating your attacks on another fighter's head, arms, legs, and chest will cause brain concussions, broken bones, and assorted fractures which limit the fighter's abilities. As a body region takes on damage, it'll show up on the body indicator which turns different colors to indicate trauma. New game modes include "Tournament" and "Team Battle" to mix up the standard 1-on-1 bouts in the "Story" and "Arcade" modes. For fighters who need a little practice, the "Training" mode gives players a chance to test special attacks, grapple moves, and rocket-powered combos. New characters are also introduced to join the original cast. «more»

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