Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Naruto Shinobi Retsuden + Bonus

Naruto crew hit the NDS in a 3D fighting game where sprightly ninja battle it out on sparse 3D battlefields. As is the case with many Naruto games, Kakashi and Tsunade introduce the story to the viewer before the action gets up to speed. The fighting action takes place on the top screen while the touch screen depicts six icons that may be tapped to trigger health recovery, activate techniques, or recuperate chakra. A Story Mode follows Naruto through a battle adventure where opponents are met in sequence. The Versus Mode eschews any tale-telling and gets right into the meat and potatoes of the fighting action. The Wifi function of the game allows up to two players to bout it out but please note that each player must have a copy of the game. All orders include a bonus strap + stylus.

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