Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mizuho Kazami 1/7 PVC Figure

Please teacher, cover yourself up before the students get even more distracted and restless than they already are. Mizuho Kazami is a red-headed alien creature (note to self: alien girls always have pink or red hair) who arrives on Earth to learn and to teach. Under the guise of a high school teacher, Mizuho's surveillance of the planet is going swimmingly until her cover is blown by one of her students. To keep her secret from getting out, Mizuho does the logical thing and marries her pupil...

Good Smile Company releases a 1/7 scale Mizuho Kazami figure where the buxom educator lounges on a chair in a lime green bikini. She holds a drink in her right hand while her right leg is hiked up on the seat in dainty fashion. Good Smile could have sculpted a lewdly positioned leg but they went with dainty and tasteful. Kazami measures 170mm or 6.69" tall and is made of PVC plastic which seemingly glows with Mizuho's inner effervescence. Or something like that.

The full name for this product is: Onegai Teacher: Mizuho Kazami 1/7 PVC Figure. Pricing is set at US$68 and all orders will ship today.

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