Friday, June 30, 2017

 TOYS Cutie Honey Soft Bust Compatible Version - Import Preorder US$128.90

Product Synopsis
   Honey Kisaragi is an office worker by day but when the occasion calls, the ginger-haired android changes into the crime-fighting Cutie Honey who slashes hoodlums with her sword and is propelled into action by the twin incentives of love and justice. Griffon presents a 1/7 scale figure of Cutie Honey which measures 31.5cm or 12.40" in height and her sword dubbed the "Silver Fleurette" is included.

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late July 2017 at US$128.90.

 Product Specs

: Griffon Enterprises 
 Dimension: H31.5cm (12.40")
Product SKU: 4582221158303
 Japanese Title: キューティーハニー ~ソフトバスト・コンパチver.~
 Territory/Language: Japan

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