Tuesday, May 23, 2017

 TOYS Final Fantasy Trading Rubber Strap Vol. 8 - Import Preorder US$50.90

Product Synopsis   
   The cast of characters from various Final Fantasy games are the featured straps in Square Enix's eighth release in the rubber strap series as follows:

» Lydia (Final Fantasy IV) 
» Noctis (Final Fantasy XV)   
» Seifer Almasy (Final Fantasy VIII)
» Seymour (Final Fantasy X) 
» Faris Scherwiz (Final Fantasy V)
» Yuffie Kisaragi (Final Fantasy VII)

Preorder Details
   Preorders are welcome to ship
in late October 2017.
Product Specs

: Square Enix
Dimension: 60 x 30 x 70mm
Material: PVC, ABS finished product
Product SKU: 4988601330268 / 4988601330251
Japanese Title: FINAL FANTASY トレーディングラバーストラップ Vol.8
Territory/Language: Japan

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