Thursday, November 17, 2016

 GEAR Famicom-Themed Accessories - Import Preorders

Product Synopsis
    A bevy of Famicom-themed writing instruments and notebooks are available for preorder:

» Famicom Mechanical Pencil with Famicom ( シャープペンシル A本体 ) JAN Code: 4905330203601
» Famicom Mechanical Pencil with Controller (  シャープペンシル Bコントローラー) JAN Code: 4905330203618
» Famicom Ballpoint Pen A (ボールペン A本体) JAN Code: 4905330203625
» Famicom Ballpoint Pen B (ボールペン Bコントローラー) JAN Code: 4905330203632
» Famicom Spiral Notebook A (リングノート A本体) JAN Code: 4905330203649
» Famicom Spiral Notebook B (リングノート Bコントローラー) JAN Code: 4905330203656
» Famicom Patapata Memo Pad (パタパタメモ) JAN Code: 4905330203663 
» Famicom Clear Folder File (Set of 3) (クリアファイル3枚セット) JAN Code: 4905330203670 

   Preorders are welcome to ship in late December 2016. Preorders are also welcome for a Famicom Tote Bag that was opened for reservations yesterday.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Sanei
Territory/Language: Japan

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