Monday, July 20, 2015

 TOYS Shooting Game Historica EX Terra Cresta - Import Preorder US$72.90

Product Synopsis 
    It's been five years since Yujin released the Shooting Game Historica 4 gashapon set and two years since the Shooting Game Historica REBOOT 2013 Taito SP toys. It's about that time for another Shooting Game Historica ship. The vessels of arcade shooter classic Terra Cresta dubbed Delta, Gamma, Alpha, Beta, and Epsilon are sculpted into detailed PVC models which may be bolted together to form the mighty Wing Galiber. 

    Preorders ship in late October 2015.

 Product Specification
Manufacturer: Takaratomy Arts
 Dimensions: L18cm (7.08")
 Material: PVC
 Jan Code: 4904790820861
 Japanese Title: シューティングゲームヒストリカ EX テラクレスタ
 Territory/Language: Japan

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