Friday, January 16, 2015

 TOYS Rockman Can Badge Collection - Import Preorder US$36.90

Product Synopsis
   Megaman aka Rockman and cohorts are emblazoned onto a set of 10 can badges which feature pixel-style artwork inspired by Capcom's 8-bit games of yesteryear. The 10 designs are:

 » Jumping Rockman
 » Rockman & Blues
 » Support Team
 » Roll
 » Damaged Rockman
 » E-Tank
 » Rockman & Rush
 » Forte & Gospel
 » Boss characters
 » Rockman variants

    Preorders are welcome to ship on or around March 26, 2015.

 Product Specs
 Manufacturer: Capcom
 Size: 55mm diameter
 Material: Tinplate steel
 Japanese Title:
ロックマン 缶バッジコレクション
JAN Code: 4976219062725
 Territory/Language: Japan

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