Monday, October 13, 2014

 PS3 Formula One Championship Edition - Sale $26.90 Free shipping within USA

Product Synopsis
Update: December 28, 2006
Drop into the cockpit of a Formula One racer and experience the thrill of rocketing across an asphalt track against the backdrop of the Formula One 2006 season. As competitors muscle for rank, maneuver your vehicle with minute tugs of the Dual Shock controller to do your own muscling. When flying through a course, the buzz of the Formula One racers sound like a nest of angry hornets as everyone throttles their engines. Similar to the recent MotorStorm, cars may collide and break up with impressive effects as tires, chassis, and hulls ricochet off the track and into the cages that lines the stands or in the general vicinity of area impact.

   The illusion of speed is well done and more so when trees dot the sides of the track. Watch as they blow past in rapid-fire fashion. The game features 18 courses and 22 drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Juan Pablo Montoya, Nico Rosberg, and more.

   Formula One CE works fine on USA PS3 consoles and is fairly import friendly. Most of the menus, drivers names, and onscreen information are in English.

   Ships same-day if ordered before 4PM EST. Brand new and factory sealed inventory from original NCS stock.
Product Specs
Publisher: Sony
UPC/SKU: 4948872730037 / BCJS-30005
Territory/Language: Japanese

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