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 GEAR Final Fantasy XII Vaan's Silver Pendant - Sale US$199.90 Free shipping within USA

NCS Product Synopsis
June 11, 2006
Vaan's pendant in the Final Fantasy XII game is fairly large. The official Square Enix recreation of the pendant is fairly small. Then again, if the product was made the scale, it would probably cost twice as much as its current price level The pendant is constructed of sterling silver and two pieces of turquoise which are fitted inside the silver.

If NCS had to make an approximation of what the pendant most looks like, we'd have to say that it looks like the countenance of a bumble bee or some other winged insect. The receptacles that connect to the leather necklace can be considered the insect's antennae. The measurements of the pendant are 35 x 42 x 3.8mm and the leather necklace measures 45cm.

View additional photos from the original NCS product update in 2006.

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