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 DVDS All Star Yakyuken 2 DVD - Import Preorder $28.90

Product Synopsis
Update: November 22, 2007
«©NCSX» When faced with an attractive idol, the first thought that should pop up in your mind is, "I'm gonna play rocks-scissors-paper against her." There are other activities that might be possible but janken action is all we're recommending to lighten up the atmosphere and eventually get the idol out of her clothes.
Similar to other Yakyuken games on the PSP, the idol does a little dance and then throws out her hand. Your job is to choose rocks, scissors, or paper from the left sidebar. If she pushes out rock to your scissors, you lose. However, if she falters with paper against scissors, she's obligated to remove a piece of clothing. Your job is to continue onwards with the hand throwing contest until she's completely nude. Once naked, the girl is shown dallying around in a short video sequence that serves as your reward for winning the rock-scissors-paper challenge.
Idol Yakyuken features the talents of Tina Yuzuki (Rio), Nao Yoshizaki, and Rin Sakuragi in three levels of janken theatrics where they dress up in different styles of clothing. In the first stage, the girls are in short shorts and belly shirts by the pool while the second stage offers up a cheerleader ensemble. The third and final stage goes with an eye-popping nurse theme that's worth the price of admission on its own. In addition to the janken fun, there's also an idol profile section with information on each gal.
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 Product Specification
Publisher: Glad'z
 JAN Code:
4571284400023 / GBTD-0011
 Publisher website: http://www.gladz.co.jp/label/gbt011.html

 Japanese Title: アイドルと野球拳 2
 Territory/Language: Japan 


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