Wednesday, September 03, 2014

 DC Digi-Charat Fantasy Limited Edition - Sale US$38.90 Free shipping USA

NCS Product Synopsis
As a 14-year old who has a major crush on Dejiko, you visit the Gamers store in Akihabara regularly. One day as you enter the shop to check out the latest wares, an ebullient Dejiko glows out a brilliant greeting. Sheepishly and slightly fearful, you shuffle to the side and begin to browse. Before long, Rabi-en-Rose and Dejiko are squabbling again and Dejiko's powerful eye beam attack somehow opens a dimensional gate which sucks everyone inside Gamers to an alternative universe.

   Upon waking up, it's clear that something has gone awry. Soon after, an animated intro with song runs through which shows the various characters in the game. Once the animation ends, the player is given the option of saving the progress of the game so that one won't have to slog through the beginning cinemas again...
  As the story goes, poor Dejiko has lost her memory and needs the help of her rambunctious crew to regain it. The inhabitants of the new dimension are also puzzled by some of the questions that our crew asks - for example, near the beginning of the game, a woman character doesn't know what Akihabara is, to the dismay of the heroes. To add to the madness, a demon overlord needs to be defeated before the whole lot of you can return to Earth. Played in interactive fashion, Digi Charat Fantasy features copious amounts of voice acting, communication sequences with newfangled characters and exclusive animations that were created solely for this game.
   The special boxed edition of Digi-Charat Fantasy includes a blue VMU with a Digi-Charat design on it, a music CD and a 2002 calendar whose pages are the size of a CD jewel case. 
New, mint condition inventory
Publisher: Broccoli
Jan Code:
4510417030171 / T-46301M

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