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 CD End of Eternity Special Soundtrack - Sale US$11.90 Free shipping USA

NCS Product Synopsis
February 19, 2010

 «©NCSX» Brand new and factory sealed End of Eternity Special Soundtrack Resonance of Sounds CD which was only released in Japan as a bonus to be included with the End of Eternity game for PS3 and Xbox 360. NCS was able to purchase surplus inventory from vendors in Japan which we are offering for general sale.

   The CD is packaged in a laminated cardboard slipcase and the tracks on the CD are as follows:

01) The beginning of eternity 1:58  (Kouhei Tanaka)
02) Fighting with the devil 2:37  (Motoi Sakuraba)
03) The truth 5:05  (Kouhei Tanaka)
04) Resonance of fate 3:47  (Kouhei Tanaka)
05) Chandelier 2:12  (Kouhei Tanaka)
06) Cranktown 2:07  (Kouhei Tanaka)
07) Freud Remnants 4:16  (Motoi Sakuraba)
08) Irruption 3:46  (Motoi Sakuraba)
09) Battle to pay the debt 3:35  (Motoi Sakuraba)
10) Fighting with the devil - ANOTHER VERSION 2:37  (Motoi Sakuraba)
CD Length 32:00

   The tracks are composed by Kouhei Tanaka and Motoi Sakuraba as listed above.

   Orders ship same-day (M-F) if placed before 4PM EST.  
New, mint condition inventory
Publisher: Sega

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