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 TOYS Sega Memorial Saturn ZIPPO Lighter - Sale US$149.90

NCS Product Synopsis 
Update: October 23, 2009

   Back in the early 90s when we were still dabbling in Zippo lighters, NCS bought USA versions in bulk for under $15 each. Some were as low as $5. Imagine our bewilderment in 1998 when we received a preorder offer from a Japanese vendor for the Beatmania 3rd Mix Zippo. Cost to us? A lofty $60. For a lighter. Sure, the Beatmania lighter was limited to only 500 pieces but it was a Zippo and we normally paid a quarter of that asking price. The Beatmania Zippo was our introduction to Japanese Zippos and over the years, we've imported even pricier models featuring Transformers, Lupin, Final Fantasy, Sakura Taisen, and many more.

   NCS imports yet another limited edition Zippo today and this one's a doozy. The price is pretty high but that's because the lighter was limited for sale only on a Banpresto website for a limited time between October 23 to November 6. Add in the unfavorable yen/dollar exchange rate, shipping charges from Japan, and vendor handling costs and we have severe price inflation on our hands. We had to get them for our own collection (the Sega historical vault) however and NCS also imported a sizable quantity for interested customers with refined tastes.
   The Sega Saturn Zippo looks like a perfect recreation of Sega's original Japanese 32-bit console which was colored gray. We sold the Saturns for about $600 back in the day and the OG Playstation was about $800. The Zippo's Saturn facade includes the power button, eject, and reset buttons along with the cartridge port on top and snazzy Sega Saturn lettering. The only giveaway that this is a Zippo is the little hinge on the side which allows the top to be popped over so you can light up a cigarette, stave off the cold, or set fire to kindling. Since we got them in time, the Sega Saturn Zippo might be the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who still plays Saturn games. In the basement. Late at night and usually accompanied by Cap'n Crunch cereal with a splash of milk. 
New, mint condition inventory
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