Thursday, August 21, 2014

 TOY Evangelion Rei & Asuka in Plug Suit Set - Sale US$49.90 Free Shipping within the USA

NCS Product Synopsis  
   An Evangelion handler slithers into a plug suit in order to optimize synchronization with the Evangelion. Once inside the Entry Plug and immersed in LCL, the children's skin-tight plug suits also help to keep their skin relatively LCL-free once they emerge from the plug.
   Kotobukiya recreates the plug suit uniform in a 1/8 scale diorama which features both Asuka Langley and Rei Ayanami figures which each measure roughly 18cm or 7" in their brightly colored plug suits. Both gals are lounging with Asuka apparently content with leaning against the docile Rei. An oval-shaped NERV base is included inside the packaging which serves as a foundation upon which the girls alight.
New, factory sealed, mint condition inventory
Jan Code: 4934054777846
Japanese Product Name: 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン レイ&アスカ プラグスーツVer.(1/8スケールPVC)

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