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 PC Star Wars Darth Vader USB Hub - Sale US$78.90

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: August 22, 2008
«©NCSX» You could be like everyone else and buy a boxy USB hub that was designed by an engineer. A by-the-book engineer who wears a polyvinyl pocket protector that holds exactly five Energel 0.5mm ballpoint pens.

   You could also pay tribute to your Star Wars inner geek by snagging an R2-D2 or Darth Vader USB Hub. If you should opt for the R2-D2 version, you'll get four USB ports to plug devices into and a little droid which swivels its dome and makes beep-boop sounds. Purchasers of the Darth Vader USB Hub will also get four USB ports but instead of a little droid, they'll get the ominous visage of the dark Jedi Knight with blinking red eyes.
 Darth Vader USB Color
   Upon plugging in the Darth Vader USB Hub, the Jedi will breathe thrice, his eyes will light up red, and he'll turn his head a couple of times as if surveying his surroundings.

    When a device is plugged into the unit, the sound of light sabers swinging may be heard and Darth's eyes will light up red once more, and his head will turn once.

    Afterwards, Darth will light up and breathe from time to time which can be quite alarming if the event is unexpected. We timed the frequency to be roughly once every 3 minutes

Product Packaging
The Darth Vader USB hubs remaining in inventory are brand new but the packaging has seen better days. Many of the boxes have visible dents and tears caused by years of storage and intra-warehouse transport.

 Jan Codes
 » Darth Vader Jan Code: 4902314082917

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