Wednesday, January 08, 2014

PSV To Love-ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy - Import Preorder Regular $69.90, Limited Edition $98.90

NCS Product Synopsis 
   Protagonist  Rito Yūki finds himself spirited to a strange new world where his mission is to descend into dungeons and rescue hapless cast members who hail from the To Love-ru Darkness franchise. Once rescued, the maidens provide interaction at Rito's home which the publisher describes as a 'harem.' Nay, an anime harem. In addition to the regular edition of the game, reservations are welcome for a limited edition which includes:

 » “Kiniro no Yami” (Golden Darkness) bed sheet measuring H2000mm x W1100mm (78.74 x 43.30")
 » “Momo” (Peach) bikini placard cord organizer which measures H100mm x W40mm (3.93 x 1.57")
 » DLC costume “Sexy Apron” download code

Product Specification
Publisher: Furyu
 Territory/Language: Japan
 Japanese Title:
To LOVEる-とらぶる- ダークネス バトルエクスタシー
 Official website:
 Jan Code: 4562240236220 /
VLJM-30072 | 4562240236237 / CSPJ-0049

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