Monday, August 19, 2013

TOYS SIFEX Onee Chanbara 1/6 Scale Aya - Sale US$68.90 shipped

NCS Product Synopsis  
   When NCS first played the original Oneechanbara game (Simple 2000 Series Vol. 61) in 2004, we were astounded. Other than Lara Croft, women warriors were rare in the testosterone-fueled arenas of action games. But there she was, decked out in an outfit that barely covered her attributes. In addition to being nearly naked, Aya swung a sword into zombie flesh with the abandon of a banshee. Every stroke lopped off limbs and sent splashes of blood into the air. The zombies were simply no match for a wild woman with bad taste in clothes. Indulge us because it bears repeating - we were astounded.
   Japanese manufacturer Yamato releases a 29cm tall fixed-pose Oneechanbara Aya figure which is mounted on a circular disc. The feather boa that normally slings around Aya's shoulders is gone but we'd recognize that cowboy hat and tacky ensemble anywhere. 
Product Specification
: Yamato
Territory/Language: Japan
UPC Code: 693904344976
Japanese Product Name: SIF EX THE お姉チャンバラ 彩 1/6スケールPVC)

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