Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SALE Neo Geo Pad USB - US$60.90 shipped

NCS Product Synopsis  
Original Update: December 9, 2010
«©NCSX» The year 2010 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Neo Geo console. Even though the Neo Geo is an orphan nowadays, it nevertheless lives on in the hearts of staunch adherents across the globe and a steady stream of Playstation 2 re-release compilations and hardware rehashes. The next hardware rehash is a new version of the Neo Geo Pad which was originally packaged with the Neo Geo CD console with a clicky directional pad and soft-touch buttons. The upcoming Neo Geo Pad is a digital controller which is compatible with the Playstation 3 as well as Windows PCs. A "PS" button is located between the SELECT and START buttons in the center of the pad.

Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Exar
Compatibility: Playstation 3 (Region-Free)
Territory/Language: Japanese
Product SKU: FVGK0041 | EX0032
Jan Code: 4560289420303 

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