Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SALE Metal Gear Solid Collectors Edition #2 - US$125 shipped

NCS Product Synopsis  
   The original collection of MGS Kubricks sold like gangbusters and NCS eventually sold out of complete cases despite the lofty price. When September 2009 rolled around, Medicom released a new MGS Kubrick Collection that also found eager buyers since they're so collectible and lovely to look at. The characters in the later collection are (Left to Right):

Top Row
» Old Snake in Octocamo Facemask [MGS4] Box Ratio: 6/24
» Solidus Snake [MGS2] Box Ratio: 5/24
» Liquid Ocelot [MGS4] Box Ratio: 3/24

Low Row
» Liquid Snake [MGS] Box Ratio: 4/24
» Iroquois Pliskin [MGS2] Box Ratio: 2/24
» PMC Soldier [MGS4] Box Ratio: 4/24

   New orders are welcome at JPY23520 or US$239.90 US$125 per factory sealed box of 24 figures.

Product Specification
Product SKU: KUB-251
JAN Code: 4988602149135
Japanese Product Name: KUBRICK メタルギアソリッド コレクターズエディション2
Publisher: Medicom
Language: English

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   This item is also known as Kubrick Metal Gear Solid Collectors Edition #2

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