Thursday, August 15, 2013

 GBA Cyber Drive Zoids Limited Edition - US$75.90 shipped

NCS Product Synopsis  
Original Update: December 9, 2010
   Join old and new Zoids characters in a new adventure game where drivers hop on Zoids mechs and battle incumbent forces. The limited edition of Cyber Drive Zoids includes a Diablo Tiger Type-B action figure, a remote control device and the Cyber Drive Zoids game. The Diablo Tiger may be controlled by a GBA and the included remote-controller transmitter which plugs into the accessory port of the Gameboy Advance or Gameboy Advance SP.  
Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Tomy
Compatibility: Gameboy Advance (Region-Free)
Territory/Language: Japanese
Product SKU:
Jan Code: 4904810671312

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