Thursday, February 14, 2013

X360 Ginga Force - New Import


NCS Product Synopsis  
   The developers of Eschatos bring shoot 'em up fans a new vertical shooter dubbed 'Ginga Force' (Galaxy Force) which bears some resemblance to 'Nanostray' on the Nintendo DS. In the future, humankind has escaped the bonds of the Earth and have colonized planets outside the solar system. In one particular star system, the seventh planet dubbed 'Tier Seven' has been colonized and mining operations have been started by the Magnificence Energy Corporation under the protection of the Mitsurugi Security organization. The protagonists in the game are Alex and Margaret who both work for the Mitsurugi Security System company and are backed up by a purple-haired Operator who relays information to the ace pilots. Ginga Force features 10 stages of shooting action with a ship which may be upgraded with new weapons, sub-weapons, and enhancements.

Bonus Content
   In addition to the main game, two bonus unlockable games are included on the DVD:

Judgment Force Tiger
» Judgment Force Dragon    

    The first printing of the game ships with a bonus -Special Sound Selection- CD which contains 15 tracks and is packaged inside the game case.

   Ginga Force is a region-free Xbox 360 release which is compatible with North American and European Xbox 360 consoles. 

Publisher: Qute
Japanese Title:
Jan Code:
Famitsu Score: (7/7/8/8)

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