Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TOYS Star Wars Light-Up Saber Chopsticks - Product Recall by Kotobukiya

NCS Product Update
According to our Japanese toy distributor, the recently released Star Wars Light-Up Saber Chopsticks are being recalled by Kotobukiya due to a manufacturing defect. We're waiting for full details concerning the nature of the defect but all shipments of this product are being recalled and any shipments that are already in transit will have to be sent back due to what the distributor is describing as 'electrical issues.' We were hoping to get reservations for the chopsticks shipped out this week ahead of the Christmas holiday but this is a pipe dream at this point. Kotobukiya is allowing shipments to be returned up until June 2013 for the recall.

    We're speculating that some early users of the chopsticks were being shocked by an electrical charge as they lifted saucy ramen noodles from a steaming bowl to their eager lips but that's just our wild-eyed speculation. We'll post additional information tomorrow when we receive a copy of Kotobukiya's recall letter to Japanese retailers but all reservations for the chopsticks will be placed on hold and we'll process orders when the fixed chopsticks ship from Kotobukiya.  

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