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SALE Goku Makaimura - Asian (PSP) - US$26.90 Free shipping

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Brand new and factory sealed Goku Makaimura game for the Asian Playstation Portable. NCS' inventory is from the original first printing of the game which includes the bonus d-pad accessory. Orders placed before 4PM EST (Mon-Fri) will ship same-day.

Game disc
User manual
Bonus d-pad

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: August 02, 2006
«©NCSX» Twenty one years ago, Capcom rehashed the age old yarn about a damsel in distress. Instead of sending a plumber to do a man's job however, a more traditional hero archetype was summoned to perform the rescue. Jumping and throwing weapons like a banshee, a knight in shining armor went on a mission to save his betrothed from a demonic kidnapper.
   The PSP version of Goku Makaimura recreates the original adventure but with rich and vibrant visuals along with a revamped game engine that runs in 2D but also features 3D sequences as well. In the first level of the game, the action is reminiscent of the classic Makaimura where the knight battles a crowd of enemies that approach on the ground and from the air. A spitting Venus flytrap sends deadly kisses through the air and a gruesome mid-level boss shoots squishy eye creatures. Arthur only has a single jump at the outset of the game but defeating the first boss grants him a pair of winged shoes which add the double jump to his repertoire. Arthur lofts even higher when he picks up a special power-up later in the game...
   Three game modes are playable: Beginner, Original, and Arcade. In Beginner and Original modes, armor stock may be stored where Arthur can take multiple blows before losing his protective suit. He starts off with two armor stocks and can take two hits before he's in his underoos. Additional armors can be picked up to upgrade his power level as well as his level of protection. In the Arcade Mode, one hit demolishes his suit of armor regardless of its power level.
Capcom Bonus D-Pad

   Every copy of the Asian version of Goku Makaimura includes a bonus D-pad (white) which sticks over the PSP rift-pad. The bonus pad is packaged inside the game case. NCS staffers have been playing the game with the analog nub without any problems but the bonus d-pad is a nice little gift for use with fighting games.

Region Free
Playstation Portable games are region-free and playable on any version of the PSP handheld.

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