Monday, April 02, 2012

 PSV Let's Try Bass Fishing FISH ON Next - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
Motor out to the middle of a lake, cast your lure into the drink, and wait for the bass to bite. Gamers may choose to play as a male or female fisherman (Ryuji, Jamie, Kano, and Ai) and go out on 10 different stages (bodies of water) and engage in 100 missions of targeted fishing action. When a bass grabs your lure, the text, "FISH ON" flashes on screen which means the battle to capture the bass begins. Game modes include World Tour, Challenge Mode, Aquarium, and Training Mode.

Japanese Product Title: フィッシュオンネクスト Let's try Bass Fishing FISH ON NEXT
Jan Code: 4582350662207

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