Monday, February 06, 2012

 MAG Shooting Gameside Vol. 4 - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The fourth Shooting Gameside magazine continues the theme of focusing on shooting 'em ups with 160-pages of new and retro coverage. Notable articles in the magazine include:

» Retrospective on Toaplan's games including Truxton, Slap Fight, Zero Wing, Hell Fight, Tatsujin, Batsugun, and more. Most of the games are given a full page with a short write-up, the original advertising artwork, and some screenshots. The "All your base belong to us" phrase from the introductory sequence in Zero Wing is also revisited.
» Interview with Tatsuya Uemura who co-programmed Kyukyoku Tiger, Hishou Zame, and Tiger Heli and composed the game ditties for Toaplan shooters such as Tiger Heli, Twin Cobra, Out Zone, Zero Wing, Dogyuun, and more.
» Interview with Masahiro Yuge who was a co-programmer with Tatsuya Uemura for Toaplan games including Kyukyoku Tiger, Hishou Zame, and Tiger Heli. Yuge also programmed Tatsujin. Like his contemporary Uemura, Yuge also composed the ditties for Toaplan's shooters.
» Coverage on Kokuga for the 3DS which ships later this year and the HD version of Under Defeat which ships for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 later this month.
» Information on Valhellio, a horizontal shooter for the PC from Ideastock/Elements which is being released this year.
» Mushihimesama Futari for iOS
» Pixel Junk (side scroller) is currently available on the USA and Japanese Playstation Networks.
» Chat with Naohiro Kimura of Q Games who led the planning for Pixel Junk.
» Rayforce for iOS and Ikaruga for Xbox Live.
» Preview of the Metal Slug Fiolina Germi fixed-pose figure.
» The Museum of Shooting Game Art checks out ASO (Armored Scrum Object).
» A look back at Crisis Force on the Famicom.

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