Friday, September 02, 2011

 3DS Devil Survivor Over Clock - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
Tokyo has been marked for annihilation in 7 days time and that level of carnage really can't come to pass. To stop the impending destruction, a heroic lad who's still in high school makes a deal with an assemblage of demons to bring Tokyo back from the brink.
   Players control a to-be-named protagonist who's equipped with a special portable gadget (which naturally looks like an NDS) that allows him to recruit demons into his party. By using the power of demons under their control, the party fights malevolent devils and their overlords. Human cohorts in the game include Atsuro Kihara and Yuzu Tani who are fellow students and friends of the protagonist. Battles are fought in turn-based fashion on isometric arenas where actions such as MOVE, ATTACK, and MAGIC are selected from a simple menu. The 3DS upgrade of the game features full voice acting (20,000 words), updated visuals, an easy mode for beginners, and a new "eighth day" chapter for fans of the original game to explore.

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