Thursday, June 09, 2011

 PS3 Ryu ga Gotoku of The End  - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» It's a normal night on the streets of Kamurocho and neon storefronts are ablaze. A never ending gaggle of pedestrians meander and go about their evening rounds. In the middle of it all, a portly salaryman stumbles in front of Shun Akiyama - a stately Yakuza who looks natty in his purple-hued jacket. The salaryman appears ill and upchucks audibly. Shun makes light of the situation and goes about his business. As he walks, Akiyama is greeted by a portly woman who chastises him and the two proceed to walk towards the hotel district so Akiyama can collect some protection money. After a short while, they chance upon a small group of spectators who are gawking at the windows of a building. There's flashing within caused by gunfire and something seriously awry is afoot.

   Before Akiyama can join the battle inside the building, the body of an older gentleman crashes through the window and lands on the sidewalk. A crowd gathers around the body and Akiyama skulks in to take a gander but the fallen man starts to stir. Not only stir but rise up and stand there looking very much like a member of the undead. When the local constabulary arrives and a member of law enforcement places a hand on the living dead, he gets chomped something fierce and the crowd disperses. The zombie bites another cop and Akiyama runs when more zombies start raining down onto the street. An outbreak of the undead is in full swing and the Yakuza corps must rally to beat them back.

   Thus begins Ryu Ga Gotoku Of the End which is the latest release in the long-running Ryu Ga Gotoku or Yakuza franchise. In addition to the melee combat against zombies, Akiyama and friends (Kazama Kiryu, Goro Majima, and Ryuji Godai) also get to engage in the lighter side of life with activities such as bowling, ping pong, slots, and interaction with club hostesses. Since they're faced with an unyielding new enemy, Akiyama and company resort to more powerful weapons borrowed from the army including tanks and cannons for making mincemeat out of the undead.

   All preorders and new orders submitted this afternoon for RGG OtE are shipping today.

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