Thursday, December 02, 2010

 PS3 Tales of Graces F - New Japanese Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Three disparate kingdoms rule the world of Efinea - Fendel, Strata, and Windol - all of which vie for supremacy over the other. In the land of Windol sits a city named Lhant which is governed by a lord named Aston Lhant. Aston's first-born is a lad named Asbel who goes off to become a knight but upon his father's death, returns home to rule the principality. Namco's latest Tales game follows the story of Asbel and a girl named Sophie who helps him fend off an attack perpetrated by troops from Fendel. The mysterious Sophie suffers from amnesia which is a regularly used plot device in Japanese video games since it adds intrigue to the character.

   Tales of Graces was originally released on the Nintendo Wii last year but an upgraded version is headed to the Playstation 3 on December 2. The PS3 edition includes an new scenario titled "History of the Future," upgraded visuals, alternate character costumes, and new techniques (Blast Calibers).

Early reservations will include a bonus Dramatic DVD and DLC code card that are being given away by Namco in 50% ratio.

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