Friday, October 29, 2010

PSP Dream C Club - Import Preorder

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Last summer, a new and highly exclusive hostess bar debuted in Japan. Armed with a liquor license and a coterie of attractive attendants, the fledgling club attracted all manner of patrons who were willing to pay the price of admission. Dream Club was the name and libation's served by lovely hostesses was the game. Literally. Dream Club is a hostess bar simulation where players visit the Dream Club, order colorful alcoholic beverages from an extensive menu, and talk to attentive hostesses. 

   By being somewhat clever through the input of prompts and cues, players try to learn more about the girls and get them to drink. By loosening a hostess up, she might reveal a personal secret or get up on stage to do a little dancing or singing. Familiarity normally breeds contempt but not at Dream Club. The more that you visit and spend your hard-earned yen, the friendlier the hostesses get. You probably won't find love at Dream Club but you'll get lots of undivided attention that might not normally be forthcoming. Remember, as long as your virtual money is flowing, you can do not wrong at Dream Club.

   The Playstation Portable port of Dream C Club plays the same kind of game as the Xbox 360 original but the conversion includes a few new features that might appeal to players. The Dream Clock feature gives the receptionist of Dream Club the freedom to utter the time. To listen to more tidbits from the receptionist, pressing the "Square" button forces her to divulge information about the hostesses.

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