Monday, October 25, 2010

NEWS General Updates

Neo Geo USB Pad Delayed
The release date of the PS3 Neo Geo USB Pad has been pushed from Oct. 28th to Dec. 9th. There doesn't appear to be any changes in the hardware and the new ship date is just an administrative delay of sorts.
Super Mario Collection
The remainder of our Super Mario Collection shipments are shipping tonight and all remaining preorders will be fulfilled on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Some vendors didn't receive their allocations of the game until this past weekend which was obviously too late to ship for arrival last Friday with the initial batches of the game that did arrive.
Blizzcon 2010
   We didn't write the headline for the following video so kindly direct your disdain elsewhere:
Fat virgin breaks leg in Dance off! - Blizzcon 2010.
Egyptian Gashapon
The Egyptian artifacts gashapon arrived last week and we'll post photos tomorrow. The allocation of some figures was poor so we're selling the toys in sets of 8 in addition to sets of 9 which include a secret figure.

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