Thursday, September 16, 2010

NDS Pokemon White - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The Pokemon universe expands by fits and starts this week with Nintendo's releases of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White for the DS. The new adventure takes place in a new territory called Isshu which includes a bustling urban area called Hiun City, a Poke-Black exclusive area called "Black City," and the Poke-White only "White Forest." The new Pokemon located in Isshu may be found in the new Isshu-Dex and Professor Araragi greets the protagonist upon his or her arrival. New monsters inducted into the Poke-fold include the following:

Gochiruzeru (exclusive to Pokemon Black) - Black and white color scheme
(exclusive to Pokemon White) - Appears to be inside gelatin
Reshiram - White dragon Pokemon with a flowing mane
Zekrom - Bipedal black dragon Pokemon with gnarly claws
Wargle - Magnificent eagle with red and purple color scheme
Mamepato - Corpulent baby pigeon who's blessed with loads of luck
Meguroko -
Desert crocodile with raccoon eyes and broad stripes
Minezumi -
A rodent with red piercing eyes who serves as a lookout

... and more. The battle screen hews to the same presentation standard as earlier games in the series but up to three Pokemon on each side may now battle in turn-based confrontations. When a 3-vs-3 bout is in progress, the positioning of the Pokemon will affect their attacks and defenses.

   Early preorders include a bonus Pokemon Sound Drop keychain toy - Pokemon Black buyers get a Sound Drop that plays Reshiram's roar whilst Pokemon White owners listen to the sound of Zekrom. Please note Pokemon Black is region-protected for DSi and DSi LL but earlier generation DS owners may play the game freely on the original DS and DSLite. Early preorders are shipping today but the remainder will ship on Monday.

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