Thursday, July 01, 2010

PS2 Scared Rider Xechs - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis

«©NCSX» When an alien invasion gets into gear, six boys are recruited to combat the nefarious threat from outer space. In any other genre of game, there'd be a cast of trigger-happy grunts who blast away in blazing action sequences. However, Scared Rider Xechs isn't a shooter nor is it a tactical simulation. SRX is an otome game or a boy's love adventure where the protagonist is girl named Akira Asagi and she's surrounded by six hunky guys whom she directs against the aliens. Similar to the male archetypes found in other otome games, the boys in SRX are chiseled, lanky, and have fine features that are almost feminine.

As normal humans, the boys wouldn't stand a chance against the aliens but they're capable of transforming into superhumans who have fighting skills and moxie. To allay suspicions concerning their super powers, the boys form a rock band which Akira manages. The story of Scared Rider Xechs is told through 13 episodes of intrigue and narrative that's sure to whet the appetite of otome fans across Japan.

In addition to the regular edition, NCS has also received the limited edition of the game which includes a Drama CD and a 64-page fan booklet.

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