Friday, June 25, 2010

TOYS Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Orugoru Figure Ver. 1.5 - New

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Miku's a songstress so it's only natural that she appear on top of an "orugoru" or "music box" which plays a chiming type of tune. Sega Toys releases two Hatsune Miku Orugoru Figures as follows:

» Miku in her lanky stage incarnation which stands atop a round stage which is covered by a black Hatsune Miku logo design.
» Miku goes munchkin and holds a leek while her eyes are as round as dinner plates. The stand below her feet features a grassy field design.

Each figure measures 8 x 12cm and the stand slowly rotates when the music plays. To make Miku spin and play music, twist the disc on the bottom of the toy to wind it up and release. «
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