Thursday, June 24, 2010

NDS Love Plus+ NDSi LL Rinko Limited Edition New, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» In the States, winning a state lottery promises financial rewards and consequent material possessions. In Japan, winning the Love Plus+ NDSi LL lottery doesn't reward you with a Love Plus+ NDSi LL. No, winning the Love Plus+ lottery only bequeaths you with the opportunity to buy a Love Plus+ NDSi LL at full retail price.

NCS didn't win any of the Love Plus+ NDSi LL lotteries. None of them. However, we were given the chance to buy the three Love Plus+ NDSi LL bundles from Japanese vendors who were fortunate enough to receive a small allocation of the limited edition NDSi LLs. Prices for available stock in Japan range between JPY48,000 to JPY52,000 this week but NCS is able to offer a slightly better price of ~JPY43,000 or US$449.90 to our customers. The Rinko NDSi LL bundle includes a limited edition NDSi emblazoned with green-hued
Rinko Kobayakawa stenciling and a copy of Love Plus+.

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