Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TOYS One Piece Character Wall Clock - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Manufacturers in Japan release a few dozen clocks every year which bear the images of manga/animation characters. NCS avoids most of them since we have conviction in their innate inability to sell. Occasionally, a manufacturer announces a clock that probably won't sell too well but we'll get them anyway because we want them for our own use regardless of general market conditions.

Morimoto's One Piece Character Wall Clocks feature the Straw Hat Pirates in three different scenes. Maybe the word "scenes" isn't the correct term to use since the pirates are just standing there as if posing for a photographer. From the top of the product placard, the clocks are:

A) Chopper stands in the center and is flanked by Luffy, Zoro, and others
B) Luffy cracks his knuckles whilst Dracule and Zoro watch
C) Luffy hangs out with past and present Warlords of the Sea

Each clock measures 20 x 13.5cm (7.87 x 5.315") in area and is powered by two AA batteries (not included). Preorders are welcome to ship in late August 2010 at US$23.90 each.

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