Monday, May 10, 2010

PS3 Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono 2G - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Originally released on the PSP last summer to appreciative fans of dungeon crawlers, publisher Acquire readies Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono 2G for the Playstation 3. New features include full character voice acting, new characters, and a host of new dungeons to explore. Classes are back in session at an Academy where aspiring adventurers form a team at the school office and lurk out into the world to battle monsters and earn experience. The first area outside the school features a maze-like map where winding paths provide places for monsters to wait for prey. Encounters are randomly generated and the battles are turn-based.

Up to six characters may be created at the outset of the game and given sex, class, attributes, and names. Gakuen Mono 2 plays like old-school dungeon exploration games where the world is viewed head-on and the party moves in stutter-step motion. When an encounter starts up, the monsters first appear in shadow but after a few blows and counterattacks, their full color forms are revealed. The original Gakuen Mono featured dungeon crawling as its mainstay and the sequel has that in spades but also throws in outdoor roaming. Preorders are welcome to ship on July 15, 2010 at JPY5800 or US$63.90 from NCS.

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