Monday, April 26, 2010

TOYS Star Wars Light Saber Kei MP3 Player - New Import

NCS Product Synopsis
Update: April 26, 2010
«©NCSX» Generic MP3 players from fly-by-night operations in China cost about $2.70 each in bulk. Add an FM radio function and you might bump the price up by about $0.45 each.

We don't want those.

We want Taito's officially licensed Star Wars Light Saber Kei MP3 Player which isn't generic. It's specialized and looks like a light saber handle with nifty and ornate detailing - the one on the lower-left photo even has a ribbed design. Won't find that in a no-frills generic player.

The Star Wars MP3 player measures 8cm or 3.14" in length and accepts songs stored on microSD memory card which is inserted in the slot near the base of the player. There's no LCD screen to view the song list but tracks are played in the order that they're stored on the memory card's directory. Three buttons built into the saber handle are used to control dual functions as follows: VOLUME UP / FORWARD, VOLUME DOWN / REVERSE, and PLAY / STOP. An LED on the top of the handle shines when the player is spooling music which is next to the audio jack. A mini-USB port is located on the bottom of the player and the whole shebang runs on a single AAA battery (not included).

Preorders have started shipping as of last Friday and any remaining reservations and new orders will ship this afternoon. Pricing is set at US$28.90 each. «Photo Gallery»

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