Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wii Tales of Graces - Namco Bandai Exchange Program

«©NCSX» Customers who've purchased the Japanese Wii Tales of Graces game from NCS may begin sending their discs in for exchange starting today. Bandai's Japanese website which details the bugs in the software may be viewed here. The recall is voluntary; if you're happy with the game and don't wish to participate, that's all good.

Interested participants may send their Tales of Graces game discs to:

P.O. Box 527172
Flushing, NY 11354
United States

The replacement discs are expected to ship from Japan in late March 2010. Please note that there will be a fee of US$13.81 to cover shipping costs to and from Japan for this particular exchange. Payment may be made in the form of a money order or we can bill your credit card.

If you did not purchase Tales of Graces from NCS, please note that we cannot help you exchange your copy of the game. Sorry.

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