Thursday, March 25, 2010

PSP Prinny 2: Toukou Yuugi! Akatsuki no Pantsu Daisakusen!!

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Thanks to Prinny's valiant efforts in the first Prinny game on PSP, gluttony still exists in the world of Disgaea. In particular, mistress Etna was exceptionally hungry for her dessert in the original game which Prinny helped to satiate. In the sequel, a panty-thieving fiend has snuck into Etna's boudoir and spirited away her skivvies. We imagine them to be lacy, dainty, and irresistible to the type of individual who steals underwear. That's where Prinny rolls in once again to bring back Etna's drawers before outright war is announced.

Similar to the first game, Prinny runs from left to right across platform stages and attacks with both sword and eldritch magic. Brand new enemies, challenges, and new Prinny techniques give the sequel added attraction for fans. Prinny may perform the following moves:

» Standard sword slash where enemies are hacked to death
» Leaping projectile attack where Prinny jumps upwards and fires away
» Plunging dive where Prin flies up and then hurtles down diagonally
» Wario-style butt-bounce attack where Prinny lands on enemies
» Weaponry such as flamethrowers and firearms may be utilized

Prinny carries a sword in each wing for double slashing action. He can perform a diving slide move and a twirling motion which allows him to bypass obstacles as well as whack enemies with his rapidly spinning self.

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