Wednesday, March 03, 2010

NEWS General Updates

Wii Tales of Graces - Recall
NBGI will be allowing purchasers of Tales of Graces (Wii) to exchange their game discs for bug-free replacements in the near future. An announcement was made last week but please note that final details are pending. NCS will be able to send the discs back to one of our agents in Japan to handle the exchange. We'll notify customers who have purchased the game by email once we have more information. Please note that there might be a nominal fee to cover shipping costs.
NEWS Another Spam Filter
A new spam filtering program was installed on our PCs earlier this week and it seems to be working well. Over 1,000 Viagra ads have been blocked already along with roughly 600 penis enlargement solicitations. We missed out on a few promises of wealth from rich overseas benefactors who were anxious to deposit the sum of $7,000,000 into our bank accounts. Too bad, because that amount would have helped with inventory procurement whenever the Playstation 4 or Xbox 720 reaches market.

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