Friday, February 26, 2010

NEWS General Updates

WEATHER Phil Was Right
«©NCSX» Snow fell all day on Thursday in NYC; there was a respite in the morning but that was the literal calm before the storm. The snow fell all night and it's still dropping this morning. According to the tanned weather guy on TV, snow will be coming down consistently until tomorrow morning.
Punxsutawney Phil saw its shadow earlier this month and that's why the yoke of winter is still upon us. Snow isn't caused by atmospheric conditions, numbing temperatures, or moisture content high up in the sky. Snow is ultimately caused by a little groundhog.
X360 Espgaluda II Black Label - Restock on Monday
«©NCSX» NCS' third batch of Espgaluda II Regular Edition is scheduled to arrive on Monday. The third batch should still be from the first printing of the game but we'll reconfirm on Monday morning.
PS3 End of Eternity Bonus Soundtrack
«©NCSX» A Japanese vendor offered us an allocation of the End of Eternity Bonus Soundtrack and we've imported all of them earlier in the week. The bonus was supposed to be given away for free in Japan but it seems vendors are trading and shopping them around instead. We'll post a formal offer on Monday along with photos.

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