Friday, January 22, 2010

PSP Senjou No Valkyria 2 - New Import, In Stock

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» Two years after the events of the original Valkyria Chronicles, a new contingent of recruits from the Lanseal Military Academy are marshaled into war when a new threat arises. The sovereignty of the country of Gallia is threatened from within when a fractious group of malcontents decide to raise a rebellion. With support from breakaway military factions, the rebels amass enough soldiers and weapons of war to mount a serious campaign. With the Gallian army's ranks depleted from the war against the Empire and unable to counter the threat, the ruling powers turn to the student body of the Lanseal Military Academy to beat back the hordes.

The sequel to Valkyria features 30 chara-classmates who engage in over 200 missions. The protagonist is a lad named Avan Hardins who's joined by Zeri and Cosette Coolhaas to form the core of Class G. Supporting cast members includes the hulk-like Reiner Tristan, Coleen Celcius, Rene Randall, Licorice Nelson, Sofia Collins, and Raymond Moen. Familiar faces such as Alicia Melchiott and Welkin Gunther also return for another round of tactical action. The action in the game is tactical-based where players command individual soldiers on missions against insurgents. When a soldier is on the battlefield, the camera takes in the action from behind so that attacks and defensive moves are viewed from a spectator's vantage point. Soldiers are governed by "Action Points" which limits their movement and attacks based on how many APs are available. Soldier classes such as Scout, Lancer, Engineer, Tank Driver, Anthem Corp, Shocktrooper, and more add versatility to the tactical planning and execution of each mission-campaign.

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