Friday, December 04, 2009

MAG Weekly Famitsu Vol 1096 - Subscriptions

NCS Product Synopsis
«©NCSX» The December 17, 2009 issue of Weekly Famitsu includes coverage of the following games and events in the Japanese marketplace:

» The Nintendo DSi LL is released in Japan and Famitsu is there to photograph the queues on page 22. A photo of a granny who purchased a wine-red version is also included to show the NDS attracts all ages.
» Famitsu's reviewers rank NDS
Monochrome Boo & Baby Boo: Kururin Boo (5/6/6/6), NDS Kyoukugen Dasshutsu 9 Jikan 9 nin 9 no Tobira (9/8/10/9), NDS Luminous Arc 3 Eyes (8/8/8/8), PSP Bleach: Soul Carnival 2 (7/8/8/8), PSP R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate (8/7/7/8), Wii Tales of Graces (9/9/9/9), and Wii Toshinden (6/6/5/6).
» Preview for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker which ships for the PSP in 2010.
» Gackt appears on page 288 in a 3-page pictorial which includes a short interview. Gackt sings the title song for Gundam Next Plus for PSP.
» Previews for NDS Dragon Quest VI, PSP Last Ranker, Wii Sengoku Basara 3, PSP God Eater, and PS3 Final Fantasy XIII are all included.

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