Monday, July 13, 2009

Shadow of Memories - Import Preorder

NCS Preorder Synopsis
«©NCSX» Taking place in a melancholy European city named Lebensbaum, Shadow of Memories' protagonist Eike Kusch gets himself killed but thanks to the wonders of time travel, he continues to walk the earth. A creature who calls itself "Homunculus" has given Eike a device dubbed "Digi-Pad" which grants Eike the gift of time travel. Once back amongst the living, his goal is to seek clues and interaction to stop his own destruction. For example, in one sequence in the first chapter, Eike has to travel 30 minutes back in time to prevent an act of arson at a local tavern.

Eike rides the wave through four time periods, from the present day to the 1500s when alchemy was fair sport for medieval chemists. Along the way, problems must be solved, friends saved, and missions completed thanks to the use of Eike's time jumping capabilities. Successfully navigating all obstacles and a few backward stints in time leads to a happily ever after endgame.

Shadow of Memories
was originally released on the PS2 in 2001 and NCS still holds stock. The PSP conversion is a no-frills port of the original game so players who've already completed the adventure on the PS2 might not pick up the portable port. New fans will however find a compelling and engaging experience that posits the theme of travel travel and the ramifications of one's actions. Preorders are welcome to ship on October 1, 2009 at JPY4000 or US$42.90 from NCS.

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