Friday, June 05, 2009

Arc Rise Fantasia - New Japanese Import, In Stock

©NCSX» The Kingdom of Meridian located in the world of Fulheim is under attack. A contingent of invaders known as Contaminant Dragons are winging their way to the capital city of Diamant and their intent is utter destruction. Mighty airships teeming with soldiers are sent to greet the dragons and repel their advance. On board one of the ships is a young knight named L'Arc Bright Lagoon who carries a massive broadsword that he swings with one arm. As the Contaminant Dragons clash with the airships, one of the dragons faces off against L'Arc in a direct encounter. The dragon moves fast and has a definite height advantage but he's no match for the hero's lightning fast sword strokes and skills. Before L'Arc can claim victory however, another Contaminant Dragon swoops across the deck of the airship and knocks both combatants off and into a death plunge to the ground below. L'Arc maneuvers himself in midair so that the dying dragon takes the brunt of the impact and he lands with nary a scratch...

Arc Rise Fantasia is a fairly conventional RPG that's highly reminiscent of a "Tales of the..." game title. The game's hero even looks like Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia. At the outset, L'Arc meets a young girl named Ryfia who has healing powers and the ability to tap the power of the ley lines that exist actoss the world of Fulheim.
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